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Charlottenlund Sportsklubb

Charlottenlund Sportsklubb was one of 191 clubs from Norway that had teams playing during Adidas Cup 2021. They participated with two teams in Jenter 14 (2007) and Jenter 17 (2005-2004) respectively. The team in Jenter 14 (2007) made it to the the in Gruppespilland won it over Melhus /Gimse by 1-0.

Charlottenlund comes from Trondheim which lies approximately 300 km from Gjøvik, where Adidas Cup takes place. The area around Trondheim does also provide four additional clubs participating during Adidas Cup 2021 (Tiller IL, Ranheim IL, Strindheim IL and Melhus /Gimse).

7 games played


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