Trygg/Lade, SK G14

Registration number: 1233
Registrator: Vibeche Hatlebrekke
Primary shirt color: White
Trygg/Lade, SK is one of 163 clubs from Norway that have teams playing during Adidas Cup 2020. They participate with one team in Gutter 14 (2006).

In addition to Trygg/Lade, SK, 63 other teams do play in Gutter 14 (2006). They are divided into 16 different groups, whereof Trygg/Lade, SK can be found in Group P together with Vind IL, Roterud IL and Gjøvik-Lyn, FK.

Trygg/Lade, SK comes from TRONDHEIM which lies approximately 300 km from Gjøvik, where Adidas Cup takes place.

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