Kragerø IF Fotball G14

Registration number: 1168
Registrator: Yngve Bruksås
Primary shirt color: Yellow
Kragerø IF Fotball is one of 163 clubs from Norway that have teams playing during Adidas Cup 2020. They participate with one team in Gutter 14 (2006).

In addition to Kragerø IF Fotball, 63 other teams do play in Gutter 14 (2006). They are divided into 16 different groups, whereof Kragerø IF Fotball can be found in Group F together with Vestfossen IF, Gjerstad IL and Teie IF.

Kragerø Fotball comes from KRAGERØ which lies approximately 220 km from Gjøvik, where Adidas Cup takes place. The area around KRAGERØ does also provide four additional clubs participating during Adidas Cup 2020 (Gjerstad IL, Hei IL - Fotballgruppe, Stathelle og Omegn IL and Eidanger IL).

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