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HSV Fotball

Medals 2019:
(Slutspill A)
HSV Fotball was one of 158 clubs from Norway that had teams playing during Adidas Cup 2019. They participated with two teams in Gutter 13 (2006) and Gutter 14 (2005) respectively. The team in Gutter 13 (2006) made it to the the Bronze match in Slutspill A, but lost it against Fana Fotball by 0-2.

In addition to this, HSV Fotball have participated in Adidas Cup before. During Adidas Cup 2018, Fotball had one team playing in Gutter 15 (2003). The team in Gutter 15 (2003) made it to the the 1/16 Final in Slutspill A, but lost it against Skeid by 6-8.

Fotball comes from Son which lies approximately 140 km from Gjøvik, where Adidas Cup takes place. The area around Son does also provide 24 additional clubs participating during Adidas Cup 2019 (Among others: Drøbak-Frogn IL, Askim FK, Hafslund IF, Trosvik IF, Moss FK, Ski og ballklubben Skiold, Ås IL Fotball, Flint Fotball, Begby IL and Frisk Asker, IF).

12 games played


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